Danielle Miller Say ALOHA to the Maui Maiden of Social Media

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Danielle Miller Say ALOHA to the Maui Maiden of Social Media

Unread post by Brad West » Tue Jun 23, 2015 10:54 pm

Original Post date 4/22/2015 [attachment=0]Danielle Miller.png[/attachment] In 2010, after a 5 month long road trip across the U.S of A with her husband, Danielle Miller packed her bags and relocated from frigid Massachusetts to tropical Maui for good. We can’t blame Danielle for wanting to flee the cold and seize a slice of the second largest island in Hawaii – the land of sparkling sunshine, swaying palms and seductive surf. But can you blame us for being very jealous of her dreamy location?!!

Alas, it’s extremely hard to dislike someone as adventurous, animated and amiable like Danielle, whose cheery disposition, charismatic persona and courageous mindset grab your heart and never let go.
Social Media Training on Maui.

Danielle is Maui’s venerated marketing coach and the founder of Miller Media Management (MMM), a company that offers social media training, management and consulting services for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs on Maui and on the mainland. Her company’s mission is to help small business owners build profitable relationships with loyal customers using a combination of social media and email marketing tactics.

The impetus behind MMM is Danielle’s predilection for entrepreneurs, who, according to her, are the ‘heart and soul’ of a stable economy. She works dedicatedly with her clients to ideate and implement customer-centric marketing strategies that utilize the power of mutually-satisfying relationships and mutually-beneficial partnerships to drive long-term profitability and progress.

A 10 year veteran of the marketing industry, Danielle has her finger on the pulse of the latest trends, tips and tactics. She believes that entrepreneurs can make their businesses accessible to a wider audience – and unlock a community of loyal customers – by positioning their brand authentically on social media. To this end, she systemizes and organizes her vast database of knowledge into effective social media solutions that spark nourishing interactions and build lucrative connections based on credibility, ingenuity and authority.
“I never try to convince anybody. When you know your message, mission and market, and you feel ready to take on social media, you will feel confident enough to venture into it. If you are clear about your goals, then the journey to get to those goals becomes more and more clear” – Danielle Miller
Our Maui Marketing Maiden’s passion for social media is contagious! Listening to her wax eloquent about the benefits of her favorite social networks – and especially Pinterest – will bring the brightest smile onto your face. As evidenced on the Testimonials page of MMM’s website, Danielle’s ardor towards and acumen for digital marketing and social media hasn’t gone unnoticed by her very pleased clients, one of whom refers to her as the ‘Yogini of Facebook.’ It is clear that this gregarious professional embraces her clients’ dreams as her own, and goes above and beyond her call of duty to bring them to fruition.

Danielle’s ultimate objective is to lead a healthy and happy life that revolves around her core values of choice, creativity, compassion, curiosity and collaboration. Every decision she makes is aligned with one of these values, which lends meaning, magic and magnificence to her life. Entrepreneurship, for instance, bestows her with the dual freedoms of time and place, thereby allowing for a flexible workload and a fun lifestyle that caters to her interests.

A magna (insert bad word) laude graduate, Danielle is a self-confessed extrovert with a zest for inventive brainstorming. Ever-willing to stretch her limits and push her comfort boundaries, she is renowned for coming up with inventive and implementable tactics that bolster the brand of her clientele and continue paying off in the long term.

Danielle is also an ace networker who is energized by entrepreneurs that challenge her to think and color outside the lines. Her enviable ability to connect genuinely with people – and erect gratifying relationships – has proven immensely beneficial to her success as a social media consultant in a hyperlocal market like Maui.

Ms. Miller swears by the power of collaborative partnerships. One of her good friends is also her closest competitor, but instead of wasting time and energy trying to belittle each other, they have chosen to work together – as a team – to enhance the business scene of Maui. Their friendship is a win-win situation that begets goodwill, generosity and glee. Wouldn’t it be great if we all followed Danielle’s lead by dumping mindless comparisons and utilizing each other’s strengths to evolve as one?!

But that’s Danielle Miller – sincere, straightforward, supportive, sympathetic and spirited.
Always ready to help, always quick to smile and always fun to be with, this artistic entrepreneur proves, every day, that when you stop treating entrepreneurship as a rat race, you will enjoy every breathtaking minute of this exhilarating adventure.

Now if only she buys us all one-way tickets to her paradise, we shall love her even more! Just kidding, Danielle, you rock!

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Re: Danielle Miller Say ALOHA to the Maui Maiden of Social Media

Unread post by Lany Sullivan » Mon Jun 29, 2015 3:55 pm

Danielle is such a sweet soul! Her perspective in business is so refreshing. She plays nice in the smallest sandbox. :) What I mean, is she is in such a small market and she has learned to utilize and befriend her competition rather than alienating them. So many people could learn from her example!

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