A Browser for Easy Social Media Management

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A Browser for Easy Social Media Management

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:13 am

Do you run multiple social media accounts on the same site?
Do you need to login to a website as more than 1 account for testing?

If you do either of those things, I know what a PINA it is to login and then log out of each account, you may even need to clear the cookies each time between logins and that is a time waster!

I want to tell you about a browser I use and I am a little shocked that we haven’t heard more about it (or that more people don’t use it).

Meet Ghost Browser…this browser lets you open a new “group” that is a clean cookie jar and means you can login to say, Twitter with several accounts each in a different group with no cookies from the other account.

This is a huge help for people managing social media for others. No need to keep logging in and out, clearing cookies!

This also works when testing website permissions…login as admin in 1 group and login as a regular user in another group. Holy crap the time save is great!

I will give you 1 tip…watch logging in to Instagram with too many accounts at once. I limit this even with the Ghost Browser.

Other sites, I have had no problem, but Instagram is funky and I don’t want an account banned or locked for odd activity, so I don’t do more than 2 accounts at a time.
So here is a video to get you started!


Ps. This is basically a Chrome browser and you can import all your Chrome settings and bookmarks in just 1 click!
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