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What do Girl Boss, Boss Babe & Vocal Fry all have in common?

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:45 pm
by Lany Sullivan
The terms Girl Boss, Boss Babe, Mompreneur have taken over social media in the last few years. Frankly, I'm annoyed. Then there is the uptalk/upspeak and vocal fry that has taken over our speech. WTF is going on ladies? When did we decide to demean who we are as women?

I am not an old school feminist, but I AM a powerful business owner, community founder, excellent networker, YouTuber who just happens to be a woman. Girl Boss, Boss Babe and Mompreneur would make me sound less than I am. It automatically demeans who you are as a woman and all the things that you have done, are doing and will do. I was a girl 20 years ago. Today I am a woman who has accomplished much, lived a life full of successes anf failures, drinks wine by the bottle and coffee by the pot.

Then there is this thing called vocal fry? We had upspeak back in the day (it's still around though). Do you vocal fry? Apparently, it's supposed to be a good thing, but there are many who would disagree and you can count me in that number. I don't want to sound like a Kardashian. NO THANK YOU!

This crap is annoying and we as women are doing ourselves a disservice by using these terms or speaking like this.

What do you all think of these terms?

This topic actually started on Facebook, but I had to move it over here to see what you all think?

Re: What do Girl Boss, Boss Babe & Vocal Fry all have in common?

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:32 am
by Sheryl Loch
I call Bull Shit on all this!

If someone that works for you calls you Boss either like it or you put a stop to it. Done, end of story. If they want to call you that they will. Maybe not to your face, but they use it when you can't hear. YOU can't change that!

As far as Momprenuer...some women are proud of that title...they are an entrepreneur and a mom at the same time...try it and you will find it is NOT easy!

If "women" don't want to be considered girls after age (whatever), then remember that. No more going out with the girls, you now say you are going out with the WOMEN! Sure, that is what all of you will say.

That also means that if you are going all "I am women" more saying "Hi guys" if you are including WOMEN.

Calling people Dude is out if referring to a female.

Oooo, "pull up your big girl panties" is out if the female is over 12? In fact panties is a term used for very young girls under pants...delete the word panties unless the female is under 7.

All of these terms are usually fine when someone you like uses them to talk about/to you, but if it is someone you don't like...oh shit, time to be offended that they are disrespecting you. It has nothing to do with the is who uses it and if you think their intent is fine.

Vocal fry I had not heard of, could be that I ignore people who sound so wimpy. Seriously, who would stop to listen to this shit?

So there ya have it girlie!

Re: What do Girl Boss, Boss Babe & Vocal Fry all have in common?

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:53 pm
by JessMaynard
Pre-S (like PS but before) This was so fun to read, Lany & Sheryl, you ladies crack me up.

So uplift=cheerleader talk to me. I was a cheerleader and it does make you sound ditzy. It can be some sales ladies tone also (real world and online too) and they sound less than smart (often invoking desires to smack them & to never follow them or their product or lesson).

I hear what you are saying with the Girl Boss, Boss Babe, Momprenuer thing, could be belittling. It really depends on how you see it because I have seen it as a uniting force. In most cases, it has become like a sorority for women in business. Women join these groups of other Girl Bosses to belong and share their ups and downs and struggles and help one another. "Oh you're a Girl Boss too, we rock!!!" It's like seeing someone is from your Alma Mater or uses the same shampoo or ESP or font or coffee or...well you get my point.

For my biz, I call myself & my loyal followers #AvaGraceGal, why, you ask! It unites us as a community and it went well with Ava Grace which is the beginning of Ava Grace Fashion-my website and I was trying to stay in my branding. I want people to want to be an AvaGraceGal!! I assure you I don't use "gal" to belittle or demean in anyway.

I also do have to take Sheryl's point about if you go out with the "girls" you can't ban it for some but not others. And a little secret about my personal life-everyone in my house wears what I call "panties" because I am a smart ass and it annoys my son and husband when I use that term for their under clothes so that makes it fun for me :lol:

Back to the the speech talk, Vocal Fry, this is sooo interesting! If we are giving opinions, I think it sound disinterested and dumb but the research looks different. I am sitting here thinking...Do I talk like this??? Gosh I need to go watch some of my YouTube videos to see....

Re: What do Girl Boss, Boss Babe & Vocal Fry all have in common?

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:08 am
by systemsavvy
Vocal Fry = giggle! Seriously, where does this stuff come from?! Of course, I'm now worried I've adapted this pattern (as I tend to pick up local dialects pretty easily) so I also will go listen to a couple of my YouTube videos!!! ;)

Re: What do Girl Boss, Boss Babe & Vocal Fry all have in common?

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:33 pm
by Lany Sullivan
See, this is exactly why I posted this. There are so many points of view on all this "women, girl, feminism, female power, etc, etc.". I still hold to my dislike of Girl Boss and Boss Babe, but I see where you all are coming from. My dislike is mostly from the business perspective.