Shannon J. Hernandez: Radio Rockstar, Podcaster and Digital Marketing Strategist

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Shannon J. Hernandez: Radio Rockstar, Podcaster and Digital Marketing Strategist

Unread post by RCUW Admin » Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:57 am

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"I believe you must dig deep and reveal the true and confident individual that you really are underneath. I tend to make big mistakes like everyone, but it’s my goal to uncover your areas of potential just as I am uncovering my own.” – Shannon Hernandez
He with the gorgeous locks
He with the groomed beard
He with the golden voice
He with the gentle eyes
He with the glowing smile
HE is Shannon Hernandez

Radio Veteran and Podcast Celebrity

Shannon Hernandez might not loop a guitar around his neck and croon into a mike in front of a crowded music arena, BUT he is a rockstar alright – and he looks like one too. The charismatic, funny, energetic, kindhearted and gifted Shan Man is a rockstar of the radio and podcasting world.

Shannon is a 15+ year radio veteran for the rock station 98 KUPD (Big Red Video) in Arizona. He has read and produced multiple radio commercial spots, has read for local voice mail systems, and has also interviewed celebrities (jealous yet?!).

But Shannon is more than a radio personality. He is also a podcast producer, a Google Plus fanboy, an endowed writer, a music lover, a website designer, a video editor, and a digital marketing strategist. Yes, this man’s skills range the entire gamut - from producing movie trailers, documentaries and audio books to writing, graphic designing and social media marketing. To make it worse, he is also a kindhearted man. No fair, eh?! ;)

“I am a chief proponent of clear and efficient communications through various mediums” – Shannon Hernandez
But this homegrown Arizona boy's primary passion was always radio. Shannon's mission is to make a positive difference by awakening your “inner broadcaster and business potential” through podcasting and marketing. He helps his clients “show up” in front of the mic confidently and consistently by guiding them through their fears and limiting beliefs.

Self-Confessed Social Media 'Skank'

Shannon offers products and programs that guide you towards a profitable and pleasurable career in podcasting. In addition to his podcasting courses and boot camps, Shannon also offers ‘Google Plus training courses’ for those who wish to master Google’s social layer. More recently, and not surprisingly, he has become an enthusiastic evangelist of Periscope. His spontaneity and self-assurance befit Twitter’s popular live streaming platform.

What’s particularly heartwarming about our awesome friend is his honest desire to see others succeed in today’s fast-paced online world. The Work with Me section on Shannon’s site contains a lengthy questionnaire that helps him understand whether a business will benefit from his coaching. Such an elaborate vetting process ensures that his clients will receive the utmost value from their sessions.

This is just one example of Shannon’s thoughtfulness. Judging by his social media interactions, along with other online testimonials, his affability, attentiveness and expertise are unanimously adored. His clients especially appreciate his quick turnaround time on projects and his profound knowledge of social media trends.
“Podcasting can award you the opportunity to get in front of larger names and brands because your message is powerful.” – Shannon Hernandez
An Dazzling Star and a Delightful Human Being

The one thing Shannon is NOT is boring. He is animated, vivacious, engaging and loves to connect with his audience through his radio shows, podcasts and on social media. His addictive humor, adaptable voice and arresting style will hook you instantly. We dare you to listen to Mr. Hernandez and not feel a grin blossoming on your face – he just has that kind of effect on everyone. Equally at ease behind a mike, in front of the camera or teaching a bunch of school kids in his previous life as a school teacher, this multifaceted individual is in a league of his own.

Clearly, Shannon’s resume brims with various and versatile achievements. HOWEVER, his most admirable facet is the special love that he reserves for his family. He collaborates with his accomplished sister, Wendy Hernandez, on several projects for her law firm. Their lovely relationship is quite heartwarming. We strongly urge you to watch the uplifting video tribute that Shannon – along with his siblings – dedicated to his parents on their fiftieth anniversary. (Warning: Have a box of tissues by your side! This is one video that will leave streaks of tears on your cheeks and a ‘love print’ in your heart.)
“It’s important for someone who’s going into anything really – if its podcast, if its blogging, if it’s trying to get into a business – that you are to be clear on exactly what you want. Sometimes, you have to shut everything down and focus on the one thing that is most important to you” – Shannon Hernandez
Shannon has carved a fun and fulfilling life doing what he loves. If you need a compassionate mentor, a creative collaborator or a congenial friend, dial S for Shan Man and be amazed by this rockstar!

You are an inspiration to a generation of dreamers and visionaries, dear Shannon. We love ya!

Contact Shannon:

Personal Website
Twitter Profile

Author: Krithika Rangarajan aka Kit, a freelance writer, hug lover, coffee addict and thriller junkie
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Re: Shannon J. Hernandez: Radio Rockstar, Podcaster and Digital Marketing Strategist

Unread post by JessMaynard » Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:01 pm

Great to get to know you more Shannon!! Such a colorful and fun story! It's always fun to do what you love for a living.

Great write up Kit!!

Jess Maynard-Gilbert

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Re: Shannon J. Hernandez: Radio Rockstar, Podcaster and Digital Marketing Strategist

Unread post by Lany Sullivan » Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:16 pm

I'm so glad you wrote about Shan Man, Kitty! Shannon is an amazing human being. Genuine to his core and relatable to so many. He just gives off lots of good vibes! I adore Shannon as a person and friend, but also as a pro. He's got smarts for days. I highly recommend connecting with him.

Lany Sullivan
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Re: Shannon J. Hernandez: Radio Rockstar, Podcaster and Digital Marketing Strategist

Unread post by krangara » Wed Aug 26, 2015 5:26 pm

He is whip smart and super funny ;) Love ya, Shan Man

Live without inhibition, love without restriction, laugh without hesitation - you are an inspiration to all! So smile and watch others curve their lips upwards too! ;)

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Re: Shannon J. Hernandez: Radio Rockstar, Podcaster and Digital Marketing Strategist

Unread post by MicheleJennae » Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:40 am

Once again, a fabulous profile Kitty!

Shannon, you've got your $417 together, and you've inspired me to step up my game A LOT!!

Michele Jennae
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