Kristin Drysdale: Speaker, Writer, Media Relations Strategist

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Kristin Drysdale: Speaker, Writer, Media Relations Strategist

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“It is often in the darkest skies do we see the brightest stars” – Richard Evans
For many years, Kristin Drysdale, a victim of domestic abuse, was crouched in darkness, fettered by the talons of fear. Afraid that she would lose everything by raising her voice, she remained voiceless and vulnerable, placing all her faith in an external source - to no avail.

Kristin ached to form rewarding relationships with people who noticed, supported and valued her. Thankfully, for her AND for us, this wish was granted when she stumbled onto the social media world via a YouTube video by a popular Google Plus influencer.

Ms. Drysdale quickly caught up on the nuances of Google Plus, and has since been reborn as a tenacious and tender advocate of authenticity, solidarity and candid intimacy.

A Mommy, An Explorer, A Changemaker

“The more I learn, the more I want to improve so that I can better position myself and serve the people I work with and care about.” – Kristin Drysdale
Kristin, a ‘Google loving mommy of six kids’, is a polymath, meaning she is a creative whose expertise spans multiple domains. Blessed with an insatiable desire to learn and an invigorating passion to help, she actively seeks out diverse sources of knowledge to make meaningful contributions as a writer, SEO specialist and civic (and social) rights advocate.

Ms. Drysdale is the Chief Communications Officer for Lend One Hand, an organization that ‘crowdsources’ kindness, one outstretched hand at a time. A certified massage therapist and nutrition counselor, she specializes in holistic treatment techniques, including aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and Jin Shin Jiutsu. Kristin has also performed in, choreographed and directed stage shows as a theatre artist. As if being a dancer, a therapist, a writer, an SEO specialist, a marketer and a Google Plus Guru weren’t enough, she recently decided to take up coding. This lively lady makes us all look lazy, but we love her anyway! ;)
“The more we learn to be vulnerable and open to sharing our stories to frame what we share, the deeper our connections can grow.” – Kristin Drysdale
Despite her myriad interests, Kristin’s primary passion is advocacy. Among the many causes she supports are economic empowerment, education, health, human rights, science and technology and social services. She yearns to care for those who are as friendless, powerless and helpless as she was. Ms. Drysdale’s selflessness sparkles on her face, lingers on every syllable she utters and is palpable through her social media updates (and blog posts).

To honor her passion, Kristin is earning a degree in Social Transformation at ASUOnline. Her mission is to bring ‘global citizenship’ to the forefront of social media. A skilled researcher, speaker, and pragmatist, she uses her gifts to reaffirm the importance messages of love, authenticity and collaboration in an increasingly divisive world.

Google Plus Diva

“With my connections anchored in Digital Intimacy, I fear nothing and nobody. I am connected. I have a voice” – Kristin Drysdale
After a hesitant start on Google Plus, Kristin quickly fell in love with the conversations and camaraderie on this platform. The compassion and connection that she had desperately craved during her darkest moments was lying in wait for her on Google’s social layer. Here she found friends, freedom and fortitude.

It didn’t take too long for Kristin to become a unanimous favorite across the social network either. And why wouldn’t people love her?

Ever ready with a warm smile, an infectious giggle, a kind thought, and an encouraging word, she is the kind of person whom you can’t help but champion and cherish. You will find her everywhere – rooting for her favorite Hangout hosts, freely doling out her knowledge and kindness in communities and shows, and managing popular Pages. Tireless and fearless, she is constantly spearheading some creative endeavor.
“Now that I am empowered, I make it my mission to give all the faceless, voiceless, nameless, countless others an opportunity to be heard and to be helped.”– Kristin Drysdale
There is no Pause button for this bedazzling woman. Lurking on Google Plus at 3 am is a common occurrence for her. If ever you need fun company, an empathetic ear or a savvy social strategist, just ping Kristin. She will drop her chores to be there for you, regardless of the time of the day or day of the week. If she ever misses your request for help, you can rest assured that she will apologize profusely for having a life of her own! Blasphemy, right?!

The world used to be a dungeon for Kristin Drysdale. Today, the same world is her oyster, and you will have to search far and wide to find another glittering gem like her.

We are proud of your enduring spirit and solicitude, Kristin! You are a ROCKSTAR!

Contact Kristin:

Personal Website
Google Plus Profile
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Re: Kristin Drysdale: Speaker, Writer, Media Relations Strategist

Unread post by Marisa Goudy » Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:03 am

So excited to get to know you in this community, Kristin! Somehow our circles overlapped a fair bit over at G+ but we never really had a chance to connect - woman to woman, writer to writer, mama to mama.

My interest in G+ has waned a bit - but then, I backed off from social in general as I paused and got clear on why I was showing up online in the first place. Love that you're keeping the fires burning over there! <3

Writing Coach and Copywriter for Professionals Who Make Life More Beautiful, Bearable, and Bold

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Re: Kristin Drysdale: Speaker, Writer, Media Relations Strategist

Unread post by Kristin Drysdale » Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:11 pm

Omgoodness, Marisa, (I keep saying omgoodness, Lol)... Aside from the shock and awe I feel at Kitto's amazing ability to capture the best part of someone's desirous soul, I feel so grateful to be here with all of you amazing individuals. There are so many gifts to give and receive here. This is a wonderful, nurturing corner of the web... I feel blessed to share this space with all of you.

Burn On Forever!

~Kristin Drysdale

Kristin Drysdale

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Re: Kristin Drysdale: Speaker, Writer, Media Relations Strategist

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Kristin, you have a sweet soul and presence about you. I enjoy learning more about you and connecting with you each time we chat.

Lany Sullivan
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