Firehose Friday 6-19-2015

Videos that are trending or talking about the latest news that does not fit in any other category.
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Sheryl Loch
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Firehose Friday 6-19-2015

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Fri Jun 19, 2015 11:08 am

Crazy stuff happening all over the web this past week. Here are a few of my added thoughts…

Youtube Gaming is going to the next level! I know that gaming is HUGE on YouTube and this new website and app may just be what gamers are looking for…we will know soon as the gamers are a vocal bunch and will air their opinions.

The FCC hands out a huge fine to AT&T but I wonder if it will be enough to change the way AT&T does things or if they will just suck it up and find new ways to throttle data?

Starbucks pre-orders? How long does it really take to get a drink in one of these places?

The Twitter extended PM’s could be a real blessing for spammers. Guess if you don’t follow every Tom, Dick and harry then it won’t be a problem.

Pinterest changing their search? Last time they changed it, it got worse. I like being very specific in my search and they seem to now break down each word and I can’t do more specific search. FAIL! Hope they fixed it with this update.

And what would a Firehose Friday be without a poop emoji mention from Lany…wonder how often she will be able to fit that in??

So there are a few of my added thoughts…what update interest you the most?

I watch YouTube videos.

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Lany Sullivan
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Re: Firehose Friday 6-19-2015

Unread post by Lany Sullivan » Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:46 pm

POOP! I love finding random funny facts and trending that tickle my funny bone. :D All in such good fun!

Lany Sullivan
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