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Is Google Changing How It Uses Video Answers?

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:46 pm
by Sheryl Loch
Having a YouTube video rank number 1 in Google search is a sure fire way to get clicks and views. I have always worked to get ranking for search when doing YouTube videos and not ever worried about subscriber’s as much.
Ranking in search means you can get views for as long as you rank rather than a quick shot from new uploads and then it dies.

Having said all that, I have known for years that video will continue to grow and search demand will also grow…so Google and YouTube together make the perfect blend.

So, you have likely noticed that when you ask a question on Google, you may get a simple answer right on the search results page. If it is something where you know (or Google thinks) you need a visual/video, they supply that on the page also.

Now up until now, they just had a video embedded on the search results page and you could watch it just as if you had found it on YouTube…now Google is going a step farther to help you find your video answer faster…

Click on over to - Google Skips Video Intros on YouTube to get the full scoop…well, as much as I know for now.

This is going to be a great update if/when it goes live.