Podcasting made easy with the Anchor App

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Sheryl Loch
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Podcasting made easy with the Anchor App

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:37 am

Are you looking for an easy way to interact with others and produce a podcast about your favorite topics? Well, if you are an iPhone user, then this cool app may be your answer.

What can I tell you about using the app…nothing! Nope, I don’t have an iPhone but I heard GaryVee mention it in a video and went to check it out.

Now just because I can’t use the app, doesn’t mean I won’t pass it along to you. Hell, since Gary mentioned it…it is probably well worth checking out. He seldom misses a beat on these things.

So, this is not a highly informational post, but more of a “You go try it and come back and tell me how it works.”

Oh and you can check it out at Anchor FM
Ps. It says it is FREE!

I watch YouTube videos.

Sheryl Loch. com

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Lany Sullivan
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Re: Podcasting made easy with the Anchor App

Unread post by Lany Sullivan » Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:18 pm

I think I have heard of this one before. I don't have an iPhone either, so it probably went in one ear and out the other.

Lany Sullivan
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