FaceBook Live Censorship is Up To YOU

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FaceBook Live Censorship is Up To YOU

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:28 pm

When any platform allows live video, it will always have to deal with the unexpected showing up. Facebook is no different.

As the Facebook Live platform grows in popularity, so will those unexpected videos scenes.

You may have seen the live video showing a man who had just been shot in a car as his girlfriend posted a live feed. While I don’t think any of that video showed him actually being shot, it did show him slumped and blood on his shirt. We later learned that the man did die.

So for people who follow her they may have been shocked in more than 1 way about having that show in their stream and then of course, you have those that reshared on their Facebook or on Twitter. That means strangers were popping in also.

At one point the video did go down and rumors started that Facebook was trying to hide the truth. But as you will read in the article I link to, Facebook says it was a glitch.

Anyway, that all leads to what is Facebooks policy on what they will allow to be lie streamed…

Most of their policy comes down to how the scene is presented.

While I doubt most of you reading this would be the type to glorify violence, you will be a bit more aware of what to push that report button on.

I think we will see more and more live video of current events and as we do, censorship will be up to the viewer.

We will see the PC people in mass reporting everything that offends them as some would rather not know the truth because it happens to be ugly. So my advice…If you don’t want to see it, shut the damned page!

Here is the post with more about the Facebook Live Video Policy Facebook explains censorship policy for Live video

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I watch YouTube videos.

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