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Cat Hates Headstands

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 3:50 pm
by Sheryl Loch
You know how cats are...they are self centered as can be. That is why YouTube has been known for being so full of cat videos...if there is a camera...a cat will be in front of it.

The gal in this video is going to show you how good she is at doing headstands...apparently her cat is unimpressed.

Or maybe the cat is jealous that she can do a headstand?

This is why I have dogs, they never interrupt my headstands (ok, I haven't done a headstand in years, so they haven't had the chance)

Re: Cat Hates Headstands

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 6:32 pm
by Lany Sullivan
OMG! That cat is hilarious! He just parked himself right in front of the camera. Mika would never do that. Dogs are not camera hogs likes cats are!

Re: Cat Hates Headstands

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:39 am
by JessMaynard
My cat, Leonard would very probably do something like that but like you; no headstanding in my life :lol: He is a hunter and would walk across screen with his latest "prize" for mom before taking the screen from me. Ewww!!!!