Does Love have Labels?

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Does Love have Labels?

Unread post by Lany Sullivan » Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:33 pm

I've seen this commercial all week long and I just had to share it. I am sick and tired of this universal divide that we have. It's become so prolific and it's being fueled and fanned by the media, so I love that this is a publicly aired commercial in the US.

Yes, you and I are different. We were born different; we were raised different. Being different doesn't have to divide us. Just because you are black and I am white doesn't mean that one of us is a bad person. Just because I am a Christian and you are a Muslim doesn't mean that we can't have an interesting and educated conversation to learn about each other.

We are more alike than we think. Why can't what makes us different bring us together to learn about each other? It's amazing to me how we are allowing the media to literally push us down a path of division. I do not dislike people because they look, think, act or believe differently than me. I do not hate a race, creed, culture or religion because I do not understand it. I take the time to learn about it. Why are we not celebrating and learning about our differences?

Why can't all lives matter? Don't Muslims matter? Don't Buddhists matter? Don't Caucasians matter? Don't Hispanics matter?


I leave you with this video....Love has NO labels. I love each and every friend of mine. I cherish our differences and I enjoy learning about each person in my life. Your life matters to me.

Here is a FB post I started this idea on and decided to dump it in here for further discussion.
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